Drawn to Hastings beach…

011017 - Fishing Boats at Hastings

Fishing Boats at Hastings

You cannot take a trip to the seaside without going to the beach and getting some fresh air. After visiting the Jerwood Gallery, we had a little less than an hour to go before our train left. Jane went for a walk, and I headed for the beach to see what I could find to draw.

Behind the Jerwood Gallery are the tall black huts once used by the fisherman for drying their nets, and numerous other haphazard huts that create a kind of shanty town, a ramshackle fishing village. Beyond this is the beach where the brightly coloured fishing boats are hauled up onto the shingle by rusty old winches, tractors and caterpillars.

I found an old fish crate (not too smelly or fishy!), turned it upside down for my seat, my knees were my easel, and my canvas was my trusty old sketchbook. I used pencils and coloured watercolour crayons for creating the marks.

Having only a few minutes to put something down on paper concentrates the mind. I wanted to draw the fishing boats of course, as they are quite picturesque, but I’m glad I had time to turn the “easel” around and quickly sketch the view behind me with the East Cliff rearing up behind the black huts, with the funicular railway scrambling up it’s face.

011017 - Hastings east cliff

Hastings East Cliff

During my meanderings around the internet, I’ve discovered another artist who roams these shores, and I must admit, I do like his linocuts which in their naivety remind me of my perennial favourite Alfred Wallis. Might be worth a look at: Melvyn Evans.