Image on a smartphone.

200918 - smartphoneI drew these two on the train, such is my way.

The smartphone has brought the two head together. The gaze of their eyes coming together at the point of the image on the screen somewhere in front of them, forming a funny invisible triangle, with the phone being out in front of the surface of the drawing.

Or is that just how I’d like this drawing to be seen? Who needs 3D glasses?

The midweek commuter drawing – number 31.

This is what I need! Perhaps we all do.

A Personal Trainer.

060618 Commuter 31Come on you fellow commuters, hop to it: first of all we will jog up and down the carriage, then do star jumps in the aisle (5 sets of 15), weight lifting our briefcases and rucksacks up to the luggage rack and down again 10 times, and then hold the plank position until the next station.

After that the new guys can do a session whilst you take a breather – a kind of relay. Up for it?

The midweek commuter drawing – number 27.

090518 - Commuter 27The sun is out, so we all decided to stand around on the platform instead of boarding the train. It was late, very late, so no choice!

As there was a delay, we all look at our phones for something to do… or dig out the sketchbook in my case. I was drawn to this guy because of his great big shoulder bag which reminded me of my old school satchel all those years ago. Worn brown leather against the dark blue of his suit. Rather incongruous really, not that you can tell in a pencil drawing.

Hey up! The train is coming…