Bears in the bare bear wood

070118 - The Bare Bear WoodThis collage started out life as a tree. It had a very positive attitude and over the years it grew into a fine tall specimen. But something changed, and the tree became very unhappy, and miserable and started shedding lots of bark. A poor bare tree. Walking passed, I idly picked up a piece of the bark and stuffed it in my pocket, only for it to be forgotten for a while.

070118 - Bare Bear BarkLater, having re-found it, I was turning it over in my hand and I realised that a bear was looking straight back at me. It was smiling and needed a home. So the idea for the picture was born.

I haven’t done that many collages in my lifetime, and I wasn’t sure how all the bits and bobs and bears were going to sort themselves out and get along with each other. The bears had to move around a bit, jostling for position, peeping out from behind trees, sitting in trees, sitting on trees, and sniffing out food with their sensitive noses. To this end they finally got stuck, having eaten far too much honey than was good for them!

As for the bees…