They say the darkest hour…

(No – not the Gary Oldman film.)

…is right before the dawn. To quote Bob Dylan.

210118 - Darkest Hour 2Possibly against my better judgement (and others – thanks for the comments!)), I decided to do a bit more work on the sketch from last week.

I introduced a bit of more colour with Conté crayons, and some charcoal to liven it up a bit, and also to increase that blackness. Is it better? I don’t know.

I sometimes feel that “the darkest hour” arrives when you realise that you have just ruined a perfectly good sketch by carrying on and on; perhaps not in this case, but certainly other drawings that I have worked on.

I’ll stop there.

Puddles of light in the gravy of the night.

140118 - The darkest hourIt is dark when I walk down to the station in the mornings at the moment. This picture is of a side road that was shrouded in a murky foggy fug, and would definitely have got the part in any drama by Dickens. (if you take out the electric street lights, cars, telegraph poles…da-dee-da-dee-da!)

It is just a sketch as it stands, and needs a lot more work doing to it to get it to a point where I can give it the title that I want – But I’ll withhold that for now, with the hope of using it when I return.

Back to the drawing board with it!