Exhibition – Ruth Brumby, Salthouse, Norfolk

280817 - R_Brumby - Bowls

Ruth Brumby – Nest of Bowls

Whilst on a walk in Norfolk, we came  across the church of St Nicholas in Salthouse, and entered into the world of Ruth Brumby who is holding an exhibition there until 10 September 2017.

The pieces on display were works in papier-mâché, with Ruth working hard with the medium right at the early pulp stages and then allowing them to dry into exquisite objects such as the bowls on the left. There was also a group of three large papier-mâché flints at the entrance which were so realistic that I had to query how Ruth managed to lift them into the church – with one hand I was told!



The Exhibition title was “Leylines, Plumblines, and Strandlines” with the artworks, which were mainly square wall-hangings reflecting the natural forces of Gravity, Tides (appropriate with papier-mâché, I think), the pull of the Magnetic North and ultimately erosion. The pictures above are from a work called “Cracked Text” with a detail on the right. In the process of making this Ruth destroyed old school text books from her previous existence as a school head teacher, showing the change in her career as she re-builds her life albeit with the past literally embedded into the artworks.

The work above, again with a detail on the right, is simply called “Rust.” As the paper pulp has been re-generated into art to find a new existence, this art-piece depicts the decline and erosion of metal as it slowly de-generates back into iron oxide. It is interesting to think that water, that life-giving liquid, is involved in both.

I hope you can make it to the exhibition and enjoy the textures of this tactile art, although alas – time is against you. Perhaps that is what the exhibition is ultimately about; the erosion of time. Enjoy whilst you still can!