Promenading with the promenaders.

210718 - Prom1Yesterday evening we went to the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall to enjoy an evening of culture with, amongst others, Mendelsohn and Schumann. I arrive slightly early, and whilst waiting for Jane, I sat on a wall and pulled out my little sketchbook to do some sketching of the promenaders as they began to appear.

5 pencil drawings in total (including the above, done in double quick time…


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Jumping off the wall, Humpty Dumpty nearly had a great fall, and narrowly avoided landing in the picnic laid out between two young ladies. It was a close thing between me, a delicious looking brie, and some crackers! Emerged unscathed, but abashed.

2 thoughts on “Promenading with the promenaders.

  1. You’ve got to admire the promenaders, all these people who wouldn’t normally dream of sitting on the ground, first sit waiting outside and then in a hot arena. Mixed in with interested tourists. One elderly lady did a slow tour of the arena saying hi to people, which felt very un-clique-y. You show a good range of personalities Andy.

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    • Thanks Jane, there was a good range of personalities on show to choose from – so couldn’t avoid it. Yes, it is strange seeing people out of their normal environment. High powered business people a couple of hours before – now frolicking with the best of them!


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