They say the darkest hour…

(No – not the Gary Oldman film.)

…is right before the dawn. To quote Bob Dylan.

210118 - Darkest Hour 2Possibly against my better judgement (and others – thanks for the comments!)), I decided to do a bit more work on the sketch from last week.

I introduced a bit of more colour with Conté crayons, and some charcoal to liven it up a bit, and also to increase that blackness. Is it better? I don’t know.

I sometimes feel that “the darkest hour” arrives when you realise that you have just ruined a perfectly good sketch by carrying on and on; perhaps not in this case, but certainly other drawings that I have worked on.

I’ll stop there.

4 thoughts on “They say the darkest hour…

  1. Mmmm – it now stretches the viewers imagination (especially if said viewer hasn’t seen version 1). What IS the artist seeing here …………..boggle boggle?


    • Ahh Marie, I’m glad I’m stretching your imagination! Perhaps said blogger ought to have made it clearer that this relates to “Puddles of Light…” where perhaps all is revealed. There is a link in the text…goggle goggle boggle boggle!


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