Portrait of a middle-age businessman.

171217 - Hands 1

What a boring title! The picture belonging to this blog could have gone into my commuter series, but I wanted to take a bit more time over it, and have a slightly more in-depth approach to the drawing (as I consider myself not very good at hands).

This pair of hands sat for me very well actually (if hands can sit?). They just stayed with their owner the whole time that I needed them to, just like a well trained dog -comfortable in their own little world, and minding their own business, content with life as it was.

171217 - Hands 2I think hands should be allowed to grow their own personalities, and can show the character of their owner just as much as the face. They can be just as individual as more conventional portraits with head centre of shoulders. Who needs the head anyway?

As I was busy sketching away with the pencil, my brain starts having a philosophical conversation with itself about this picture. When is it a pair of hands? Is it just a drawing of a pair of hands, or perhaps just a drawing and not a pair of hands at all. Can it be a portrait without a head? What makes a portrait a portrait? – It all got rather heavy for a Sunday morning…

2 thoughts on “Portrait of a middle-age businessman.

    • Haha! Yes, most of the people I draw tend to drop off to sleep. Must be my wonderfully engaging personality! He had a slight beer belly which is always useful for resting hands on. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad it got your imagination going about the rest of this guy.

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