Egg, Exbury Egg, Uncle Tom cobnuts and all…

081017 - Cobnuts

 081017 - Wood pigeon eggI think autumn is definitely here now that we can go foraging for cobnuts. They have really beautiful seasonal colour (he says giving you a drawing in black and white – how did we survive before colour TV?) with the green only being glimpsed between the yellows, oranges and browns of the foliage.

For some inextricable reason a wood pigeon (at least I think it was a wood pigeon) decided to place an egg bang in the middle of our garden path as well. So pure, and beautiful with such a delicate lustre. Although bit of a stupid bird to 081017 - Exbury Egg Drawinghave dumped it there.

All this back to nature stuff, really brings me on to a real down to earth and great bit of rustic art from Stephen Turner who did a residency living in the small capsule of the Exbury Egg which spent over a year floating on the Beaulieu river. Since then it has gone on tour around various locations in the UK before ending up at it’s last mooring place, outside the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, where we came across it. I felt privileged in having the chance to climb up the little ladder and enter this Aladdin’s cave full of gems. I don’t know why, but it seemed much bigger on the inside than the outside. Dr. Who has a new Tardis! The egg 081017 - Exbury Eggfeatured a bed, kitchen, shower room, a tiny stove, and a work area. There was also a skylight above and as well as the 2 doorways, it had a peephole when Stephen could spy on the wildlife around him.

As the accompanying exhibition “everything comes from the egg” showed, Stephen Turner really interacted with the environment around him, including making dies, charcoal, clothes and garnering food from the local habitat as much as possible. Really going back to nature and looking at sustainability within this increasing urban world. As well as a larder of food and clothing, there are a lot of packaging items reused to make artwork, and some very small exquisite eggs made out of natural materials found around the egg, including one made of feathers. Wherever the Exbury Egg is the artist also interacted with the community making new collaborative works; this seems to go hand in hand with being at one with the surroundings.

I am waffling on too long. The links to Stephen Turner’s blog posts of his egg residency, and the website of the touring exhibition explain it all much better than I can. So I leave you with them.

3 thoughts on “Egg, Exbury Egg, Uncle Tom cobnuts and all…

    • I haven’t done lino cutting since I was at school (a long time ago). I did experiment with woodcuts a bit and enjoyed it (I liked the wood grain), but that was way in the past as well. You might be right, perhaps I should try again. There is an exhibition of Munch’s graphic work coming up at the British Museum soon which I’m looking forward to. That may inspire me as I do like his woodcuts and what he does with the medium. Thank you – you have got me thinking! Andy

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