How Now! West Raynham and Houghton Hall.

280817 - West Raynham from St Margaret's church - Large


We have just spent a few wonderful days staying in West Raynham in Norfolk courtesy of Janet and David.

The weather was very warm allowing us to get out and about a bit subject to avoiding the bank holiday traffic.

I came away with lots of thoughts and ideas for future artworks – so watch the next few blogs to see what happens!

280817 - Gravestones at St Margaret's, West Raynham - Large

Above is a sketch I did of some gravestones in the overgrown churchyard of the ruined St. Margaret’s at West Raynham. They look keen to get out and join the cattle in the meadow beyond. I wish I’d had a white pencil, or Conté crayon to depict the long grass catching the sunlight in the foreground.

270817 - Houghton Hall collage - lge


Very pleased to discover Houghton Hall was home to an impressive exhibition of works by Richard Long. Largely in the grounds and gardens, but also in the hall itself. This runs until 26th October 2017. Go see it! The collage shows:

A Line in Norfolk.


Full Moon Circle.

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