Depicting Coldrum Long Barrow

200817 - Coldrum Long Barrow - facing westWonderful walk from Trottiscliffe Country Park on Saturday. This takes in Coldrum Long Barrow, a monument in the care of the National Trust. Drawing the Saracen stones was a delight. They are custodians of such history. What they must have seen down the ages. These Neolithic guys have been here since the third millennium B.C.

The drawing on the left is looking up at the remaining standing stones; what must I assume have been the entrance to the long barrow facing east toward the sunrise. The stones stand up defiant, the only remaining teeth in a worn out mouth.

A venture into coloured pastels and charcoal for the first time in this blog! Below is the same burial mound, but looking across the top, showing the marvellous view you get  towards the east. It is not high up, like the North Downs a mile to the north, but sitting on a natural terrace of chalk and lowly farmland ahead allows for the remaining standing Saracen stones, huddled together, to enjoy a glorious panorama.

200817 - Coldrum Long Barrow - facing east

2 thoughts on “Depicting Coldrum Long Barrow

  1. What an inspiring wander to see this Ancient monument, I love the way you describe the site and have been inspired by the way you’ve captured them using pastels. I’ve not used them out on site before, but seeing your lovely sketches in your sketchbook, I’m inspired to give it a go. Thank you for sharing your blog with me and looking forward to more..

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