Drawings at the Farmers Market.

130817 - Tonbridge_Farmers_Market_1

130817 - Tonbridge_Farmers_Market_2

I quickly drew the above 2 sketches this morning at the Tonbridge Farmers Market. You have to be ultra quick with the drawing as people keep shifting around so quick. Why won’t they stay and pose for a while? Perhaps, I don’t want any of my subjects to know they are posing for me, I want to remain an invisible bystander to them. There again, come up and say hello!

At times like these, I do admire the artists who can draw impressions of the moment so quickly. I’m thinking about Turner’s shorthand marks in his sketchbooks (mainly landscapes, I know), or perhaps the Giacometti lithographs of street scenes I’ve seen recently at the Tate.

Ummm. The more I look at it, the top one looks more and more like a black and white Kandinsky. Dream on – if only…

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