The commute.

270717 - Dawn Clouds - Tonbridge Station

Dawn Clouds at Tonbridge Station

I work in London , and basically have the same train journey everyday. Usually I think that there is nothing of interest to draw at all during this time. Tedium sets in with the monotony of it all. Put the headphones on and listen to music, or a podcast, or bury myself in a book. What around me is virtually always the same, so I don’t usually take my time to actually look at it.

With taking the early train, I get to see the sun coming up at the moment, and witness some glorious skies, as well as enjoying the birds dawn chorus on the walk to the station. This photo was taken on Thursday. Perhaps I ought to be more alert to my surroundings in future.


260717 - Waterloo

Commuters at Waterloo East – 26 July 2017

Ten minutes to wait for the train to come home, and I saw this group of three fellow commuters on the opposite platform. Two on their phones, the girl on the left looking like she is getting some bad news, the lad on the right is probably gaming. The guy in the middle being aloof to it all and just impatient for the train, coat nonchalantly over his arm.

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